It has always been our vision to create bold, fun fashion, without impacting our Earth and its people.

In 2019, conscious fashion should no longer be a trend. Instead, a necessity for brands and buyers to consider.

 However, the fashion and textile industry is a lot bigger than you and us. The industry has a lot to answer for and ultimately, we need to team together so that a new universal standard is reached. 

This isn’t an easy move, particularly because most are unaware of the extent that our buying habits have on the environment.

The Forsoul team are learning more about the topic everyday and understand that we can’t change the world in a day. However, we do promise that we will always make decisions with our people and planet considered first.

As a small brand, we will continuously strive toward total sustainability and minimise our impact wherever we can.

Forsoul The Label is a movement and we love to celebrate moving with care and making a difference where you can. Our #doitforthesoul ethos is simple, and we think conscious fashion falls into this.

Doing good, makes us feel good. It’s science.

This is why Forsoul The Label has pledged to plant one tree for every sale made.

Why trees, you ask? Every 2 seconds, man destroys an area of forest the size of a football field.


We’ve tried our absolute best to ensure our supply chain is as transparent and eco-friendly as possible. However, it has proven to be a challenge to investigate every link in our supply chain. There will always be improvements to be made as we strive toward a closed loop production system.

We also currently make majority of our garments from forest fibres, which are a renewable source and much less impactful than traditional cotton. However, this can impact on our forests.

We’ve teamed with One Tree Planted and will ensure every sale you make is an impactful one.

At the end of every month, we can choose between 4 planting locations. These include North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

A bunch of planting partners and volunteers will then plant your tree.

Check out the amazing crews below:


November 11, 2019 — Sophia Aloui

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