Consciously Crafted = Good For The Soul

Our ethical and sustainable journey began well before the beginning of Forsoul The Label. It was an experience of precious moments with our friends whilst living in Bali, ensuring that we were creating a slow fashion label, with the highest ethical practices and support for the artisans and makers. This allows us to maintain integrity, monitor quality and ensure our long-standing partners are well cared for.

We see conscious fashion as an opportunity, not a challenge, and so we are continually investing our time and resources into doing better and being greater so that a new universal standard in the fashion industry is reached.

For us, creating conscious fashion means making an unwavering commitment to…

Our Planet

At Forsoul, sustainability has always been at the forefront of our minds. Our pieces are hand crafted in limited runs, as we continually invest our time and resources in doing better.

To minimise our impact we plant 1 tree for every Forsoul purchase.

Responsible fashion

Our responsible fashion commitment extends to our fabrications. We are committed to using and exploring the most environmentally friendly fabrics we can. Every inch of our fabric is hand-printed using DYSTAR Inks, the leading sustainability supplier in the textile industry.

Handmade artistry

Working with local artisans across Bali, we are proud supporters of local manufacturing and preserving the artisanal skills of Indonesia. Their expertise is integral to the design and execution of our collections, with these skills often being handed down across generations. 

Supporting Small Community Business

Every Forsoul items is hand-produced by family-run factories in Indonesia that we have worked with since launch. Having the ability to support the local economy and provide local Indonesian families with access to the global marketplace is paramount for us.

Supply Chain Transparency

 We have a hands-on, collaborative approach to our manufacturing, which means we are part of every step. We ensure that we work alongside those who share the same vision and values as we do.

Quality control

We want your Forsoul to journey through life with you. We have a firm quality assurance policy to ensure your Forsoul purchase has a 100% happiness guarantee.

Responsible packaging

It is vital that we minimise our footprint wherever we can. Our garments arrive in eco-friendly reusable drawstring bags that can be taken on your adventures for years to come. We always say no to plastic and our eCommerce mailers are made from corn starch, making them compostable. 

Considered & Certified Fabrics

European Flax Standard

EUROPEAN FLAX YARN - certified European flax fibres, grown and cultivated in Normandy, France following the European Flax® Standard. This linen boasts complete traceability and great environmental credentials. All processes and dyes are OEKO-TEX certified.

• 100% Linen
• Linen Rayon

FSC Certified Fibres

FSC forest management certification confirms that the forest is being managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and benefits the lives of local people and workers, while ensuring it sustains economic viability.

• Rayon Fujet
• Viscose

• Linen Viscose

GOTS Certified Fibres

GOTS certified organic cotton has proven a lower environmental impact, reducing water wastage, greenhouse gas chemicals used, whilst ensuring the wellbeing & safety of the workers.

• Organic Cotton
• Organic Cotton Poplin
• Organic Cotton Voile

OEKO-TEX Certified

Every component has been tested for harmful substances.

• 100% Linen
• Linen Rayon
• Cotton Canvas
• Cotton Poplin 
• Cotton Voile


LENZING™ ECOVERO™ fibres are produced using pulp, which is derived from certified renewable wood sources. 

Benefits include up to 50% lower emissions and water impact than generic viscose.

• Lyocell Twill

Our Commitments

Forsoul is committed to creating thoughtfully produced, socially responsible garments that will truly make your soul shine whenever worn.

We are committed to breaking down barriers of unethical work practices in the textile industry, so that a universal standard of working conditions can be reached.

Our People

Forsoul was created from our love of travel and inspired by the captivating faces and incredible talent of those you may stumble across on your adventures...

Parental Support

We support women returning to the workforce after having children by employing ‘home-industry’ contractors, which enables the duality of parenthood and making a financial living. Many of our sewers work from home, allowing them the freedom of work life balance.

Employee Benefits

We pay all of our employees, in Indonesia above national minimum, along with additional benefits, such as flexible work hours and staff team building days.

Community Support

We have a sustainable and realistic approach when working with our local Indonesian communities. We support time off for religious holidays, special community events or personal family events. Our makers have the ability and freedom to manage their hours, however they choose.