Where It All Began

Forsoul The Label is an ethical travel fashion brand founded by Sophia Aloui and is cultivated on the principles of boldness, femininity and adventure.


We celebrate the modern-day bohemian who isn’t afraid to walk to the beat of their own drum. Our pieces are an eclectic mix of easy-to-wear designs, featuring bold travel-inspired prints.   


The idea of Forsoul The Label was thought up on the back of a napkin in a café in Bali, and since then, Sophia’s endless travel adventures and carefree mentality have been thoughtfully cultivated in her designs.


Having taken the time to implement slow travel, Sophia has spent time living overseas and learning about the way life works in my new destination. Her hope is to celebrate the aspects of places that have the ability to make you think, appreciate and feel vulnerable. 


These experiences have the ability to ignite your soul.


Forsoul The Label travel wanderer brand

Our Designs

Forsoul The Label taps into the vibrant, expressive part of you that emerges on holiday or when exploring a new destination. Our prints are inspired by certain colours and patterns that you may stumble across when strolling the streets of a new destination.


We aim to breathe life into our textiles, giving them context and making them stand out. We are dedicated to doing this in the most sustainable and ethical way possible.


Our hope is that women will wear Forsoul The Label when living bold and doing things that make their souls happy.


Join Our Family

Join our movement, wear one of our pieces, and make a bold statement by doing what’s good for your soul. 


You can also pop in weekly to get your dose of 'Soulspiration', our blog that documents all the things that make our souls happy.