If you're anything like us then you also think there is no better way to spend a summers afternoon than being outdoors, soaking up a little sun and a lot of food

So why not combine all those great things and have yourself a picnic? Keep reading to find out our essentials to ensure your next picnic is perfect!


Picnics don’t have to be reserved for parks! A beautiful field of flowers or beach setting can be perfect places for an outdoor picnic. Consider finding shade under a large tree, or plan a picnic with a view by setting up on top of a grassy hill! And if you aren’t keen on travelling far for the greatest spot, have it in your own backyard!


 Fresh seasonal fruits make the perfect refreshing snack for a hot summers day picnic on the beach! Cheese platters are always a favourite no matter where they are being served, so its no secret they are the perfect treat for a picnic. Variety is key so mix it up with your favourite dips, cheeses and salty snacks!


Invite your friends, put on some music and play some fun outdoor games! You can even get creative and host your own outdoor painting class with a few of your besties and a couple of bottles of wine. A picnic is also amazing for unwinding and catching up on some R&R, so grab your favourite book or some tanning oil and lay back and relax in the sunshine.

However you decide to spend your picnic, make the most of the beautiful day by spending it with the ones you love, breathing in the fresh air.

April 25, 2024 — Sophia Aloui

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