Let us transport you to the beautiful & lush Ubud, Bali…
Our Island team spent the last couple of days up in Ubud, connecting with nature and gathering inspiration for our next collection (which is coming sooner than you may think!)
Spending time playing amongst the rice fields always leaves us with a clear mind, so this is where we decided to start the trip. Wearing our Dahlia Blue Maxi Skirt and finding ourselves spinning and dancing as we walked around in the beautiful green hues of the rice fields.
Waterfalls may be one of the most calming places here on the island, so whenever we are travelling up North we always find ourselves cooling off in the shallow river of a waterfall and there is no better outfit than our Sahara Green Mini to pair with a waterfall adventure.
Finishing off our trip once again surrounded by luscious views, we popped on our favourite travelling outfit, the Arna White Set and went for a short walk before travelling back down the mountain.
February 27, 2021 — Sophia Aloui

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