At Forsoul, it’s not just about our clothes. We’re trying to create a positive change through our brand for those who want to live a meaningful life, and create as much impact in the process. We’re constantly taking steps to improve our ethical and environmental processes, so Forsoul The Label can be as sustainable as possible.

We’ve been committed to learning about, and supporting those who breathe life into our garments.

 Having spent six months living in Indonesia, our team were able to visit our printing and production factories weekly.

 We were able to share knowledge, laughs and learn every step of the production process.

From our fabrics and factories, to our packaging and partners, it’s a huge operation- but we’re proud to share our journey with you xo 


Our fabric printing team play a very special role in Forsoul The Label, as they perfectly hand-craft our travel-inspired prints.

We are lucky to have found printers that share the same vision of minimising our impact on the planet the best we can. They are one of the leading factories in Indonesia when it comes to sustainability and fabric printing.

They exclusively use DYSTAR ink, who are the leading supplier of sustainable textile dyes. On top of this, they use huge catchment filters to ensure that no wastage enters Indonesia’s water supplies, a common practice in the industry.

Yudhi and his team have always greeted us with smiling faces and have always been enthusiastic to share any insight into the printing process, a process they are so passionate about.


Our production team is more than just a factory, it is a family that has supported the early stages of Forsoul The Label. Married team, Suci and Yudhi always greet us with open arms; and we are continuously in awe of the pure talent that is found within their team. Our production manager Wita works in the factory and has always ensured Forsoul’s garments were the best they can possibly be.

The community-values found within the factory also spill out onto the streets, as the factory worker’s children play together after school. It made us ecstatic to see that the children were using our scrap fabric as blindfolds for games, and decorations for their cubby house.

Our production team share our ethical and eco-friendly values and they are constantly implementing workplace protocols or making suggestions to help better our environmental impact. It makes us so, so happy to get to really know those breathing life into our garments.


November 11, 2019 — Sophia Aloui

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