A look behind the scenes of our Soul Seeker campaign, shot in Bali.

 A narrative of endless escapes, exotic lands and meaningful adventures.

From design to fruition, visions of Soul Seeker were inspired by destinations and faraway places that have the ability to capture you completely. An ode to the modern-day bohemian that walks to the beat of her own drum. 

It was only fitting that we would journey far and wide to shoot our campaign.

Our team travelled almost 4 hours each way, until we reached the most beautiful savanna. We managed to arrive at golden hour, as the day begun to leave us.

Here are a few of our favourite memories and behind the scenes snaps from a magical day.

A special thanks to Emilio of @eyesofanomad and Carole Haase of @sereiadomato.


December 06, 2019 — Sophia Aloui

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