One of our favourite travel muses @solarpoweredblonde recently took us on an adventure to Nusa Penida.
Now, get to know Hanna more as we go with her travel archives and passport stamps. 

*Hanna wears our Chieti and Berber Dresses in a size small.

Where do you call home?

Anywhere I am at the moment! I stayed in the Netherlands in between travels for a while and called that home, now I call Bali home! I am originally from London but I rarely call that home anymore as I haven’t had a home there for about a year now! I love going back to see family and friends but I prefer it when they come and see me around the world! 

Favourite place you’ve travelled?

Sri Lanka is one of my favourite places ever! It was also where my travel obsession started. When I was 15 my Dad and Grandma took me to Sri Lanka, as they were both born there and wanted to show me where they grew up! I immediately fell in love with Asia! This is what really started my love of travel and I haven’t stopped since! It has also been my dream to live in Asia and now I am based in Bali it has become one of my new favourite places! I feel so at home here too which is nice! In Europe my favourite places include Greece and Madeira. Greece for all the beautiful beaches and Madeira for the amazing coastlines. Also for one of the most incredible sunrises of 2019 - I’ll never forget standing above the clouds on the highest peak of Madeira and watching the sunrise!  

Most memorable travel moment...

One of my favourite travel moments was discovering a hidden gem in France that ‘broke the internet’ not really but I’ve never had so many people in my blog in one day! And never had so many likes on Instagram! We drove an hour and a half from Provence to find a pink lake, only to find that we hadn’t done our research properly! It was really very touristy and there was a train that took you around the pink salt pans AND it was fully booked for the next month! We drove home after flying the drone to see it from above and I noticed a sign for another salt pan! After another detour we finally arrived and it was so worth it. It was totally empty and beautiful just at sunset! We had the best time! It really was as pink as the photos! 

What is always in your travel bag?

Always a camera! I also always have my drone as every time I don’t take it with me I regret it!! Best to over pack gear than under pack! Never know when you might need a go pro or a zoom lens! Then the last thing would be my passport! I can never stay in one country for too long! 

If you weren’t travelling, what else would you be doing?

Planning my next trip! I used to work as a nurse and on all my days off I would plan my next upcoming trips. Even as a full time nurse I would travel at least once a month. Then when I once left straight from a night shift to the airport and then flew back in the same day as my next night shift I knew I had to choose between nursing and travelling! 

Next destination on your bucket list? 

Australia!! And I’ll be ticking that one off on February 7th! Can’t wait to do a road trip down south from Perth! 
January 30, 2020 — Sophia Aloui

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