Hello beautiful people,

We thought we would check in to see how you're all going during this very uncertain time and share some soulspiration with you all.

We know things may be feeling a little uncertain at the moment. Maybe you're feeling a bit anxious? Or lonely?

These feelings are normal and now more than ever, is the time to focus on coming together and supporting each other where possible.

As well as our Instagram DM's and emails always remaining open to those needing a chat, we thought we would share some ways that we've been keeping busy during this stay at-home period.

It has made our soul's super happy to see the internet come together to exercise live with one another, teach followers new skills and share creative forms of entertainment.

There are some seriously creative superstars out there and we have been feeling a little more positive as we follow along daily. As well as this, we've come across some really groovy apps and ideas on Pinterest.

So, without further ado - here are our current favourite ways to stay occupied during this stay-home period.



There's something seriously therapeutic about paining - it gives us all the childhood nostalgia. 

We've been doing a lot of painting and have been using Pinterest for inspo.

We've also seen a lot of creatives on Instagram do live demonstrations and tutorials, where you can also follow along live. Think wine & sip classes for home.

Personally, we've been paining pieces that we are saving to get framed for around the house.


We've been relying on moving our bodies daily to get us through our home isolation.

Now that gyms are closed, it's been a focus on moving our body inside the walls of our homes.

There are some absolute queens that have been blessing us daily with workouts on Instagram and Youtube. We've personally been doing Pamela Reif's weekly workout plan that she provides at the start of the week. Her plan coincides with the free youtube videos she uploads weekly.

We also absolutely love Fitness Blender on Youtube and the Fit Az Fk app.


Spending longer at home means having the luxury to put thought into recipes and meals. Generally, there's time to slow down and cook with love.

Pinterest is our go-to for recipes, however we are also following along with Elsa's Wholesome Life on Instagram, where she does live cooking videos.


Now is the time to binge those tv shows you've been wanting to watch.

We've also tried out a few new streaming platforms on their free monthly trial, including Amazon Prime.

For us though, a major favourite has been The Bold Type on Stan which is basically the modern-day version of Sex and the City. We find it super relatable and the show features some strong, boss women. Absolutely love.


If you've been wanting to learn a new skill or brush up on a new skill in your industry, now could be a really good time.

This has been a love-hate relationship for us during home isolation. It's important to remember that in a global pandemic, you don't have to be putting pressure on yourself to be utilising the time to push yourself to learn.

We've come to a happy medium of giving a new skill some time every second day.


Let's face it, we've had to say goodbye to any eyebrow or usual beauty treatments but that doesn't have to mean ditching the pamper time. 

It's good for the soul.

We've been doing at-home nail art, facials and hair masks.


Facetime style baby!

It's really wholesome to see an increase in picking up the phone and calling a friend to talk, versus the usual text.

Everyone has had time to slow down and really appreciate their loved one's company.

If you're feeling a little lonely, schedule a tea or vino date online with your bestie.

Better yet, you can use the House Party app to make it a group date.

That's all from us for now.

Stay safe and lots of love,

From Forsoul x


March 31, 2020 — Sophia Aloui

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