We've been following along on @thatwanderlustboho adventures for a while now, and we were super excited when we got a chance to catch up with her.

Hannah gives us all the 'soulspiration' through sharing her van life in Australia and her lust-worthy photos from global adventures. 

She was also one of the first travel bloggers to wear our pieces, and we've loved spotting them in Hannah's perfectly captured photos. 

Where do you call home?

For me, I think the small valleys I come from in Wales will always be my ‘home home’ but for now, New Zealand is where I am currently living.

Favourite place you’ve travelled?

Ah! Such a tough choice. I’ll have to say my top 3 hehe! So, in no particular order- 
Laos because I had some amazing adventures there. Thailand for how diverse and beautiful it is. I also can never get enough of the Temples, they are so magical. Australia, again it’s such a diverse country. The beaches are out of this world and the rainforests would leave me in complete awe. Plus, it was my home for one year and I’ll always cherish that. Other notable places are Maldives, New Zealand and Greece- my favourite country to vacation to from the UK.

What inspired you to start @thatwanderlustboho?

I started ‘That Wanderlust Boho’ purely for the love of taking travel photos. If you scroll back through my Instagram you’ll find some old (and questionable) photography. I also wanted a place to write about our adventures and that’s how I started my blog. It’s so lovely to look back at old photos and read about our adventures. 

What’s one thing you can’t travel without?

I can’t ever imagine travelling without a camera so I would have to say that. I think that being able to look back at a magical moment is really special. 

What is your fave Forsoul piece?

I really love all your pieces each in their own way but my favourites are the Chieti and Berber dresses. I love both the colours and prints. I especially love how flattering they are on. It’s not always easy to find beautiful dresses that flatter your curves so thank you for your thoughtful and gorgeous designs. 

Next destination on your bucket list?

I have a whole adventure planned (just in my head so far) for next year but the next destination will be The Philippines. I’ve been dreaming of visiting there for so long.

Why do you travel?

There are so many reasons I could give you for why I travel. One of the biggest reasons is for how it makes me feel free. I have never felt happier than when I am travelling. It’s so fulfilling and I’m so, so grateful that I can wander wherever my heart takes me. 

What message/story are you most passionate about telling?

When I initially started this journey my goal was to inspire others to follow their dreams and fulfil their wanderlust. 
But, as I travelled, i saw and experienced things that inspired me to live with more intention. 
In a nutshell I would say...
I’m passionate about the world and do what I can to care for it. I believe we could all appreciate the world a little more if we slowed down. My mission is to promote an ethical lifestyle through learning, educating and inspiring whilst making no judgements. I hope to encourage others to lead a joyful life, to step out of their comfort zones and follow their dreams. 
And, as it says on my blog...
That Wanderlust Boho
is for the wanderers
sun chasers
& dreamers
to empower you to live
a life of freedom
to roam the planet
to make meaningful connections
around the world
& to be your most
authentic self

Who inspires you?

So many people and things inspire me. To narrow it down I’ll share some amazing Instagram creators who have inspired me throughout my online journey. 
And, last but not least, the guys who inspired me to start travelling- @gypsea_lust & @doyoutravel 
I remember reading an article online about how they started to travel the world. Reading that article made me realise that my dreams of travelling weren’t as far out of reach as I initially thought. 

Whats next for @thatwanderlustboho?

I’m currently working on templates for Instagram stories which you can find on my profile and in my highlights under ‘templates’ (a shameless plug there hehe). I also hope to focus on my blog www.thatwanderlustboho.com over this next year. And, lastly, my dream is to hopefully work with more wonderful, mindful brands like yourselves!
April 28, 2020 — Sophia Aloui

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