When we began brainstorming our first collection, one of the main ideas we had in mind was that we wanted to create special garments that you could wear for years to come.
We have always wanted Forsoul to journey through life with you, accompanying you on your everyday adventures.

So… with this in mind, we wanted to share with you how to give your Forsoul pieces all the love that they deserve, so that they will be around for years to come.

When washing your Forsoul pieces we recommend hand washing in cool water. Not only is this more gentle on your delicates compared to a machine wash, it also saves a lot of water.

Clothes dryers are very rough and can actually shrink your garments (no thanks!) So we recommend avoiding dryers and hanging your pieces in the shade to air dry. This will also help preserve your Forsoul prints, allowing them to appear bright and bold for years to come.

Hanging your garments to dry will also help avoid creases, however if you do find that they need a freshen up, we recommend popping them on a coat hanger and hanging them in your bathroom while you shower… The natural steam will help to release the creases. If you are finding some creases to be extra stubborn, giving your piece a light steam or iron will help.

Our garments arrive in our reusable eco drawstring bags, however we still recommend storing your pieces hanging in your wardrobe.

However, we do encourage you to breathe life into your reusable drawstring bags! They are the perfect travel bag to keep your makeup or beauty products in. They can also double as a jewellery bag, or a loose coin pouch.

Not only will these suggestions help keep your Forsoul treasures looking as new as the day they arrived on your doorstep, these simple steps are also a move toward a more sustainable lifestyle. 
January 23, 2021 — Sophia Aloui

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